Strategic Intervention Coaching

Is a dynamic type of life coaching which is used worldwide to help individuals, families, couples, and organizations to support the individual and group. Strategic Intervention Coaching brings a system of change that empowers the client to take action daily in their life.

How is SI Coaching different than therapy?

Psychotherapy and counselling generally work within a medical framework: identifying and diagnosing dysfunctions and prescribing treatment. SI Coaching starts with you, now, and how to take practical steps to make progress towards the goals, relationships, and experience you want. Strategic Intervention begins with the belief that the solutions that the client wants are available to them right now, and greater well-being and happiness comes from the ability to take smart actions in life. SI Coaching is not meant to replace psychotherapy – it is a distinct practical approach to supporting clients in the decisions and actions that will support their goals and fulfillment in life.

Sometimes you’re not sure what you need to feel, sometimes you have a serious dilemma. SI Coaching gets you unstuck, thinking creatively and energetically again.

What Can You Expect To Achieve By Working With a SI Coach:

·  Removing that feeling of being stuck and not knowing which way to turn

·  Gaining clarity about what you want to achieve with your life

·  Feeling more motivated and understanding what fuels that motivation

·  Knowing how and why you test or argue with people you love

·  Understanding what you need to do to feel happy, loved, and excited

·  A reduction in stress and overwhelm

·  More confidence in your ability to take your life and relationship to the next level

·  A new set of life skills that you can continue to use for the rest of your life

·  Creatively overcome your recurring thoughts, memories and worries through fun exercises

·  Deepen and expand your key relationships

·  Find out how to feel the way you want to feel

·  Stop procrastinating what you need and want to do

·  Get over your fear of success and enjoy your success


Everyone needs a coach. Even the greatest sports people and business owners all need someone to look objectively and unemotionally at their performance, and to provide accountability of actions.

All businesses are a function of the quality of people within that business, their personal emotions, attitudes and motivations, and the quality of the interaction with other people within and external to the organisation. The difference in quality will either make a business hugely successful, or to fail.

All executives can benefit from individual personal life coaching in order to feel happier and more fulfilled, which will always lead to improved business performance.

Reference to Robbins Madanes Training site Mission: SI and coaching training words


Energy Healing, Intuitive Reading + Holistic Counselling


Energetic Healing / Shamanic Healing / Sound Healing / Chakra Balancing / Soul Alignment / Light Language / DNA Activation / Alchemical Healing / Metaphysical Healing

Energy healing sessions can assist you by bringing messages and healings from Spirit and the Divine for guidance and support. Along with mind, body, and Spirit connection, healings can improve your wellbeing, boost your vibration and attract magic into your life. Also helping bring awareness to a deeper sense of self and connecting with your heart. 

During an energy healing Jazmin will call upon guides and healers of the Light to assist with your healing, and will work with your energy to release blocked energy, remove negative attachments, balance and align the chakras (energetic centers in the body), and recharge your body to raise your vibration and strengthen your connection with your Soul and Spirit. 

Every energy healing is completely unique and individual to you. During the session there may be guided visualisation / meditation, light language, sound healing, crystals etc. 


Oracle Card Reading / Divine Messages + Guidance / Psychic Insights / Channelling / Light Healing / Soul Purpose 

Using oracle cards as a medium, Jazmin channels and intuits messages from Spirit guides and healers of the Light. Readings can help with a variety of situations, whether you are feeling lost, stuck in past or current situations, cannot move forward in life, or are simply wanting to receive extra guidance on your path. 

During an intuitive reading session Jazmin will connect with your energy and convey messages and guidance, and offer insights and higher perspectives. She will work with you to raise your frequency and help you in achieving abundance, happiness and elevate your life. As the healer and you speak and exchange energy, you will also be connecting to Spirit and receiving Light activations.


Life + Spiritual Guidance / Soul Therapy / Heart to Heart / Oracle Card Reading / Meditation / Light Activation 

In a relaxed and safe environment, Jazmin will listen from a loving, safe and non-judgmental space. During the holistic counselling session it is your time to unload your troubles, share your deepest thoughts, have a heart to heart, or simply need a friend to talk where we can chat, laugh and ride the emotions together. 

For those wanting to grow spiritually, or just chat about life, Jazmin will offer guidance and support in the session in whichever means you may need to see a higher perspective, connect with yourself and your own healing journey.

During a holistic counselling session there may be meditations / visualisations, connecting with Spirit guides, consulting oracle cards and receiving guided messages and Light activations.