Lahn Wright is a qualified Yoga teacher and Strategic Intervention Coach. Whilst growing up and as a young man, he has always been a gifted and talented people person, having naturally fallen into helping people though extensive jobs in customer service along with travel, and often progressing to leadership roles by guiding team members calmly and passionately to help bring out the best qualities in them.

From spending several years of his adult life working fly in fly out jobs, fighting off depression and anxiety that developed whilst working away from his family, and overcoming issues with addiction, a mental breakdown inevitably resulted where his life turned upside down for the worst. However, practicing yoga proved beneficial during this time and gave him a sense of renewed hope. After seeing a psychologist along with his increasing interest in yoga, Lahn embarked on his first Yoga teacher training in the Sri Vidya lineage for personal improvement. This intensive 4 week training period proved highly instrumental in his personal growth, propelling him forward on the right path and helping him develop into the strong and heart centred person he his today. Lahn gained integral skills not just in asana, but in breathing techniques, meditation, and the clarity to see one’s self for who they truly are.

Now with the second Yoga training under his belt and advancing forward on his journey, Lahn found the path of life coaching and studied Strategic Intervention Coaching with the respected Robbins-Madanes training, further progressing his skills in guiding and helping people to achieve their goals, create abundance, and elevate their lives.

Lahn spends his free time engaging in his other passions including surfing, photography and travel. He is truly passionate about accepting and being in the present moment, and it is clear that his life’s progression from being an itinerant FIFO electrician, along with an array of different life experiences, to now facilitating the advancement in people’s lives was a natural and wonderful fit. Thankful for his own journey, Lahn is now committed to his work in offering guidance with each individual’s own evolutionary journey.

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Jazmin Rayner is a gifted Energy Healer who specialises in channelling, writing, energy work, meditation and sound healing. As a trained Reiki Practitioner, Jazmin offers energy healing sessions and intuitive reading. She is empathic and compassionate and brings her beautiful energy, wisdom and insights into all areas of her life and work.


Jazmin began embracing her spiritual self on a transformational journey to Nepal, training and learning in a meditation healing ashram, including an intensive 10-day Vipassana course in Lumbini, Buddha’s birthplace.


Jazmin has always had a deep love for singing and music, and thus it was a natural progression to begin using sound and her voice in her meditations, along with channelling. 

She has studied with the Endeavour College of Natural Health in Nutritional Medicine, and has recently completed her studies in Complementary Therapies and Holistic Counselling with the Natural Energies College. Jazmin found her true passion in meditation and energy healing, and is grateful to be pursuing her dreams by spreading loving awareness, opening the hearts of others, and guiding individuals on their journeys to the Light. She is committed to helping others in service, offering insights, wisdom and transformational openings to truth, higher purpose, and ultimately living a happier, blissful and abundant life. 


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