What we do


Traditional Yoga, coming from a lineage of 5000+ years. Private Retreats we tailor to suit your needs, Retreats to cleanse and purify and  to rediscover yourself, get support and move forward into a happier way of living. 


Daily yoga, meditation, Yoga Nidra, sound healing, that help you to release  on the deeper levels coming closer to your authentic self.  Inspiring programs that educate and promote a healthier lifestyle and how to promote longevity 


We offer you advice on helping you to unwind and feel nurtured so you really get the most out of your experience with more individual attention! We love the feeling of serenity and beauty while having a great time! At the Temple of Prajna we choose top accommodation in the best destinations to give you a retreat that truly is a life changing experience. 

Our Director

Strengthening connections between the body, mind and emotions through movement and breath.

Lahn Wright now resides in Australia from five years of FIFO.  He studied yoga at The Practice in Canggu, Bali, under the guidance of teacher Octavio Salvado who is passionate about staying true to the roots of Tantric Yoga in the Sri Vidya lineage, and has proceeded to integrate these principles through further training recently completing 300hr YTT Training.  Committed to do that which is healthy for our mind and bodies, Lahn started The Road to Samadhi in 2016 and has rebranded to Temple of Prajna, aligning with his teachings, incorporating photography and art under one banner.  In his free time, Lahn loves going surfing and engaging in mindful activities with his two young children.  Passionate about accepting the present moment and travel, the move from being an itinerant FIFO electrician to running the end to end wellbeing holiday was a natural fit.  Thankful for an amazing array of different life experiences, Lahn is committed to offering teachings with each individual’s own evolutionary journey.



Jazmin Rayner, owner of Love White Tara is a gifted Energy Healer who specializes in channeling, writing, meditation and sound healings. She offers intuitive readings and healing sessions, and she brings her beautiful energy, wisdom and insights into our retreats. 

Jazmin began embracing her spiritual self on a transformational journey to Nepal, learning and training in a meditation healing ashram, including an intensive 10-day Vipassana course in Lumbini, Buddha’s birthplace. 

Jazmin has always had a deep love for singing and music, and thus it was a natural progression to begin using sound and her voice in her meditations, along with channeling. 

She has studied with the Natural Energies College in Nutritional Medicine, and has recently completed her studies in Complementary Therapies and Holistic Counselling. She is committed to helping others in service, offering insights, wisdom and transformational openings to truth, higher purpose, and ultimately living a more happy and blissful life. 

Jazmin found her true passion in meditation and energy healing, and is grateful to be pursuing her dreams by spreading loving awareness, opening the hearts of others, and guiding individuals on their journeys to the Light.